Vegans needed to taste test new vegan Quorn products


We’ve just received an interesting email from Solent Vegetarians and Vegans….

“All Quorn products currently available aren’t vegan since they contains eggs and sometimes milk, but Quorn Foods tell us that they have made a vegan version and they want vegans to try it and give their opinion on two different vegan quorn products.

They’ve arranged with Allsorts Psychic Cafe (fully veggie cafe at 22 Carlton Place, Southampton, SO15 2DY) to provide a free food tasting next Saturday 21st June. You will be given a free meal, including some vegan quorn (nuggets I think) and a free drink. They will ask you questions about what you think of it, etc. Also, they will give you a small amount of money as a thankyou, around £5 I think.

Ruth from Allsorts will be doing the cooking, and a few people from the market research organisation that Quorn have appointed will be there to quiz the people  who take part in the trial.

If you’re vegan and you’re sure you can make it, please email saying roughly what time-slot you can be there for (10am – noon, noon – 2pm, or 2pm – 4pm). Allsorts is a small cafe which is why they’re trying to spread people out throughout the day, hence the time slots.

Here’s a few facts and figures we’ve been told

– They say that they’ve been working on a vegan version for the last three years, but have struggled to get the taste and texture right. They’ve recently had a breakthrough using potato protein, amongst other things, to replace the egg and milk.

– They will have the full ingredients list at the tasting.

– The vegan quorn will be made in the same factory as standard quorn, but will use a different production line and equipment, so the risk of contamination with eggs and milk is minimal.”

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