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Vegans needed to taste test new vegan Quorn products

  We’ve just received an interesting email from Solent Vegetarians and Vegans…. “All Quorn products currently available aren’t vegan since they contains eggs and sometimes milk, but Quorn Foods tell us that they have made a vegan version and they want vegans to try it and give their opinion on two different vegan quorn products. […]

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Seventy Days at Sea and Counting

The 25th of February marked Sea Shepherd’s ‘action ship’ the Bob Barker’s 70th day at sea at the very bottom of the world. In icy Antarctic waters, we have been in engaged in playing an epic game of cat and mouse with illegal Japanese whalers, during which time, the lines have become blurry and our […]

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Birthdays at the Bottom of the World

As I write this, we sail across the Southern Ocean only a few miles away from the Nisshin Maru (The Japanese whaling fleet’s factory ship which ‘processes’ the whale meat), along with another of Sea Shepherd’s vessels, The Steve Irwin following closely behind. So far our presence with the fleet has meant only three whales […]

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Come to us for your 5 a day!

We have a stunning range of fresh fruit and veg in the shop at present.  As always we try to source as locally as possible and our main suppliers are Wayside Organics and Sunnyfields Farm. 75% of the stock is organic…….      …..and is Fairtrade wherever possible.             

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Books For Free

We now have, in the shop, a selection of books provided by the wonderful ‘Books For Free’ group.  They save books that are heading for the tip and give them away…… So next time you’re in Rice Up you can pick up a book and feed your mind as well as your body 😉

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Getting the shop ready…..

The shop at 20 Hanover Buildings has represented a great opportunity (as well as a few challenges) to set up a real alternative to the traditional food retail model.  The premises were last used in 2007 we think and the last tenants took out everything including light fitments and sockets.  The wooden floor had been […]

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