Getting the shop ready…..

The shop at 20 Hanover Buildings has represented a great opportunity (as well as a few challenges) to set up a real alternative to the traditional food retail model.  The premises were last used in 2007 we think and the last tenants took out everything including light fitments and sockets.  The wooden floor had been covered in vinyl so was heavily coated in glue!

So – starting with a blank page we have set about the job of refurbishment and renovation.

In keeping with our ethical policy we have tried to carry out the work in an environmentally sensitive way using the least damaging products and aiming to reduce our energy consumption in the long term.

Sanding the floor of the shop

Who is that masked sander?

Having laboured over the floor for nearly three weeks to get it back to somewhere near its original condition we used varnish and floor paint from Ecos paints – these water based organic products are, as Ecos say, a breath of fresh air!  We also used recycled wood for a lot of internal work and for our exterior shop sign.  This came from the wonderful Southampton Wood Recycling Project.

We’ve also chosen an ultra efficient low energy lighting system and have signed up with Ecotricity to supply us with electricity from 100% renewable sources.

We’ve also been using bikes as much as we can….

Bike Trailer in action

We’ve been using bicycle transport where possible to lug stuff around!

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