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Why not make your own soya milk….

With all the varieties of soya milk that are commercially available why would anyone want to make their own at home?  Well actually there are many good reasons! I’ve been making my own for nearly 10 years and I’m now using a Tribest Soyabella electric soya milk machine.  I would thoroughly recommend it.  Admittedly the […]

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Recipe of the month (August): Mediterranean Vegetable Tian

Mediterranean Vegetable Tiân This is a wonderful (gluten free) dish to make when all the summer ingredients are at their best.  It’s like a very superior Ratatouille……..  A Tiân is a cooking vessel widely used in Provence where it is used for slow cooked stews and casseroles.  It is shallow, wider at the top than […]

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Recipe of the month (July): Chilled Gazpacho

Ok it’s hot….very hot….and what do you want at the end of the day?  Something cool and refreshing (and nourishing!).  Look no further than a bowl (or two) of Chilled Spanish Gazpacho. It’s really easy to make – it’s raw – it’s cool – it’s just the job!  And don’t forget you can make it […]

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Vanilla Custard

Makes 6 This is a really simple recipe with an exquisite outcome – a smooth, creamy custard to round off any meal. Put 250ml soya (or rice or oat) milk, 500ml soya cream, 8oz caster sugar, a few drops of vanilla essence, a vanilla pod with the seeds scraped off into the milk & 2 […]

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